Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Muslim perspective on beheadings

Yesterday, I met a most helpful Muslim man at the Wigtown Book Festival.  We had both been to hear the three panelists - Clare Short, Sir Menzies Campbell and Angus Roxburgh - talking about the 'New World Disorder'.

He told me about 'umna' that means affinity to explain that although there is hatred between Muslims, there is also so much on which they agree, that draws them together in a common bond - in affinity.
As there is between Jews and Muslims.

He explained that beheading in public is capital punishment that is meant to show that justice is being done in an open way, as well as to be a deterrence to show what happens if the law is broken.  The Christian West also has capital punishment with a viewing gallery for those invited.  My thought is this: with fatal injection, as has been reported on Radio 4, it is often done cruelly so that many minutes of suffering elapse before the convicted person eventually loses consciousness and dies.

I felt the most important point he said to me was that Western, 'Christian' fighters vapourise their fellow humans by fire and flame that can hardly be said to be more humane than a one-on-one, 'eyeball to eyeball', public beheading to
do justice according to Shariah law 
and, to deter similar crime.  My point is this: in addition, the West kills with no fear of injury for themselves that makes killing Muslims so painless for the Christians.  I would add that the Judeo-Christian world kills many times more innocent civilians and Muslim fighters than they kill of Americans, French and British - all of whom are combatants.  My thought: non Muslim, Western, non-combatants - two American journalists and two aid workers - are civilians but were killed to teach the West a lesson and in revenge for the Christians attacking them, first."

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