Sunday, 19 August 2007

Crabs, scuba diving and the West End!

At the harbour wall at Tefor, Llyn Peninsula rain and drizzle failed to dampen the enthusiasm of two mums with their children catching crabs to dump in a bucket to be later released. One mum showed us the crafty crab eating the bait after the hook had been removed! We then spotted huge bubbles by the higgledy-piggledy timbers of the wooden pier. We soon distinguished the scuba divers as they slowly swum back to the concrete steps of the harbour wall and surfaced in their suits, flippers and wet suits. They had been out for 29 mins the man said and, perhaps, it had been the first dive for the woman.

Great coastal walk and views of sea stacks and a fourth that was being formed. We found a private beach that could, perhaps be carefully descended down a very steep grass gully to the pebbly beach. Safe in the dry with the studs of fell running shoes, certainly! Then a rock scramble up a ridge of cliff would be an alternative way out.

We came across the white house, with its blue, red and yellow doors. It was called the West End, on National Trust land. There was a superb photo for the taking if the sun had been shining, the blue door closed and if we had our cameras! A gentle curve of quarriers' cottages high above our footpath was also a sight to behold. Outside the village, as we walked through a field, a car driver with dog stopped and asked, "Can I help you?" He sounded and looked somewhat inebriated but was in charge of both dog and car for a dog walk when the car might have been left behind on the village side of the gate! Here, I discovered Colin's bottle of squash had leaked in my rucsac and, thereafter he had the two poly bags to carry himself!

We enjoyed watching the local lads playing football in Tefor. Colin's TV viewing of the professionals at work every week, for him, showed the chasm in performance between the amateurs and professionals.

In the evening, the superb entertainment of Tim Emmett and Julia Bradbury doing Commando Ridge, Crackstone Rib and the Old Man of Storr. Tim jumped into quarry lake, swam with a rope across open sea to the Storr and performed his party trick balancing on a tightrope with a climbing rope slung between car wheel and rock!

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