Monday, 20 August 2007

Stage managed, controlled and spiritual spinning!

This was a Terry Law organised meeting, on the 3 April 2007, where the notices made it clear that Georges Sada was to be the main speaker. In fact, he was the big draw to get the people in, like our friends and me, to hear Terry speak and evangelise. Poor old Georges was confined to answering questions and very much taking the back seat to the even greater man. This was most misleading, in my opinion and not good enough.

Soon, Terry and Georges came striding onto the platform after the warm up man had done his job and introduced them. At the end of the meeting, both men marched off, never to be seen again. They disappeared into a back room and never met their supporters and their most generous donors who had dug deep into their pockets only a few minutes earlier! No personal thanks from Terry who is directly funded by the gifts of the faithful, like those in the packed meeting tonight. I did track the men down and gave Georges the following question:

“Caiphas believed, ‘It is expedient for one man to die for the people.’ You believe it is expedient for 655,000 Iraqis to be slaughtered in less than 4 years, a million severely wounded, over 2m who have fled Iraq and nearly 2m Iraqis displaced within their country. All that was to enable our one time good friend and arms customer to be removed from power. Is that really what Jesus would have done? Don’t you want morality rather than expediency?”

I did not think that Terry was being sincere when he apologised that there was no time for audience questions to either Georges or himself. He stage managed the meeting from beginning to end and the spinning could not allow any risk of an awkward question! From the outset, he had no intention of allowing questions, it seemed to me.

Terry and Georges enthusiastic supporters were loud in their acclamation of Georges' work and for standing up to Saddam Hussein. He was given a standing ovation at one point. Yet, if he knew that there were WMD (actually, chemical weapons) why did he not tell the weapons inspectors and, single-handedly, stop the war? Was it not because he strongly wanted the war to oust his former President - and our one time friend and good arms purchaser? Georges was desperate for the overthrowing of the tyrant. The Bible believing Christians in the meeting were desperate to be reassured that there were WMD, for they had so strongly supported the 19 March 2003 attack!

This great gathering of true Christian believers, believe in evil to overthrow evil; that the ends justify the means but, for me, this is the antithesis of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is far from paradise.

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