Monday, 25 August 2008

One foot on the earth, the other in heaven!

Or, Engaging with current realities to move to our heavenly home with even greater peace of mind!

I think the devout - and the rest - all need to engage with the periodic international and national reports that all warn of increasing difficulties for humanity as we continue through this century, on our present course. And, it is the rich North, the traditional Bible centred societies, who need to face up to their much greater responsibilities, in this respect, to move from over-reaching lifestyles to more sustainable behaviours.

The only drawback is that some believe in God but don't believe in the science! Or, believe in the Lord and in science to get us out of the jam we are in! Don't worry about the life-giving oil running out; something(science)/someOne greater than us will come up with something!

In other words, the devout must believe in the Lord to get them/us out of our difficulties - in other words one foot in heaven. But then, that does not excuse them from also having one foot on earth - using the practical, constructive, here and now steps to slow the rot and improve our lot this side of heaven.