Thursday, 31 October 2019

On leaving the EU

Over leaving the EU, I do feel that such a monumental decision should not have been so rushed and simplified, as I felt it was.  I was blissfully ignorant of the dangers for Northern Ireland and the impact on the Peace Agreement in leaving N Ireland distanced from the Republic of Ireland (nationalist disquiet) and treated differently from the other three countries (unionist disquiet).  The real debate and the full information, like the threat of more troubles breaking out from militant nationalists and militant unionists, did not materialise until after the referendum, I thought.

I abstained (mine, a protest vote) on the 23 June 2016 because I was so upset about the refusal of my MEPs to take seriously and to engage with me over the hundreds of millions of pounds going into our tram extensions when other transport priorities were very much more important and helpful in reducing congestion, pollution and greenhouse gases.  I only got to see one MEP when my wife and I went, with UKIP, over to Strasbourg in either 2014 or 2015.  MEPs never have surgeries in the UK!  My wife is a strong leave voter.  UKIP were brilliant in organising it all.  I can't remember the name of the excellent woman who did it all.

UKIP in Kidderminster and Wellington have also been the best political party in giving me time to explain the problems of Metro blocking/stopping the 120 Kms Black Country Mainline Railway from ever being finished.  However, they still did nothing, as far as I am aware of!  And Bill Etheridge refused to even reply to any e-mail or text.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

This autumn, I had seven days cycling and walking over the hills of the Scottish Borders

This autumn, I had seven days cycling and walking over the hills of the Scottish Borders.  I met a guy who commented that our society and culture is locked into fossil fuels. Such is our deep rooted addiction and complete dependency on them, we cannot survive without them.  Yet, they are quickly being burnt and, in the process, changing disastrously the chemical composition of the atmosphere. As Margaret Thatcher was well aware in the 1980s but did nothing!

Our food and drink landing on our table depends entirely on finite fossil fuels.  Without them we cannot feed ourselves or even get our drinking water.

Of course, we all have to become frugal fossil fuel users and, I think follow the example of Greta Thunberg.  I am also urging us all to insist that our political and civic leaders get their priorities sorted, show real leadership and reverse their spending priorities that lock us even more firmly into exploiting oil, coal and gas.

Apparently, Brexit is costing us billions that boost fossil fuel burning and disastrous greenhouse gas emissions.  As is the £1.8 BILLION, to 2026, to replace some buses and trains with trams in the Black Country and Brum. I am referring to Metro and Sprint that, along with Brexit, are all foolish diversions and a dangerous irrelevance from responding to climate catastrophe and the very mixed blessings of burning our remaining fossil fuels.  In the 1980s, I accepted the science that we are sleepwalking into a nightmare entirely of our own making.

If you think I am on the right lines, please write and speak to the leaders and their addresses, here:   September 2019 A5 flyer
Plus, to your MPs and MEPs and councillors.  Our priorities must change. Our personal life styles to one of minimum fossil fuel use.

“The more we spend, the more we burn fossil fuels, it seems to me.  Have I got this right?” SELF, 16 February 2019
“More or less right! … ”  SIR JONATHON PORRITT, 17 Feb 2019

"Just one caveat: as we decarbonise our grid, we’ll obviously be burning rather less of the reserves of remaining fossil fuels, and relying more on green electrons. But the rule of thumb still holds for the time being!"  Porritt, 27 October 2019

We are living infinitely on a finite planet;
Living unnaturally on a natural planet.
The epitomy of folly!

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Their "passive provision" is so passive that it is non existent!

I have re-read your email, below. 

Your crusade, you mention, needs to be, I think, on the most achievable and urgent goals. That  means:

Helping me stop the folly of building on the only feasible site for the rebuilt Dudley Castle Hill railway station.​  ​This, when the authorities SAY they want the passenger trains to return but are only building in "passive provision" for freight trains as they use the line for six to ten trams every hour!​  ​This is either a lie or incompetence or, to put it more kindly​, ​the top people are being disingenuous,

Do you think, Andi as men of integrity, that we should be doing all we can to point this out?​  ​Should we politely point out that their "passive provision" is so passive that it is non existent?  How about a little activity to end the dearth of absent trains in the congested, traffic choked Black Country?

Should we helpfully point out to them that they are planning to spend ten times more per Km on the glitzy glamorous trams than simply putting back the commuter, regional and intercity trains​,​ with Railfuture's nine stations?​  ​Do you think that all this might just be in line with your "political and financial constraints that exist", below?

Did you know that national FoE wrote​,​ earlier this year​,​ that there are 100 ​towns and cities with free bus travel, including 30 in the USA and 20 in France?

How about the W Mids GP arguing for this rather than​, at a time of continuing austerity,​ nearly £2 BILLION on Metro and Sprint?

Please comment, Andi. You are our leader, after all.