Saturday, 13 June 2009

We are the problem in this world!

The inconsistency and hypocrisy in our position is that we wish an open door policy for those immigrants who are skilled and valued or who are white and wealthy. We are not so happy to have the stranger come to our shores if that visitor is black, poor, unskilled or seeking refuge and safety from our crimes of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan. We conveniently overlook the fact that the vast majority of men, women and children who are escaping our bombs, rockets and drones are taken in by some of the poorest countries like Pakistan, Syria, Jordan and other Arab/Muslim nations.

What is even more immoral is that we think we have the God-given right to jet around wherever we like on this globe and no-one is going to stop us. But we don't like it when these damn foreigners think they can settle in our so pure and white England. How dare they!

We can over-populate this planet with our high-living, high-impact life styles; we can act like the old colonial masters that we once were; but, we're not going to let them lot do it. No way!

What is the matter with us?