Sunday, 7 July 2013

Valiant attempts to justify our Fourth Anglo-Afghan War

Comments I heard on the 'Today' programme in June 2013.

What it was all for:-

£40bn spent and 444 soldiers killed.  Commander of the Task Force in Helmand gave the following comments.  It was in Britain's interests to fight.  All the armed forces have shown sacrifice and courage in fighting this war to improve national security in the UK.  We are proud of the soldiers' courage, of our achievements and the differences we have made made.

£40 billion is much less than building HS2 (over £50 bn).  444 soldiers killed is considerably less than the losses suffered by our great friend and ally in the Vietnam War to protect Western freedom and security.  That was 58,000 soldiers.  A masssive difference even if you count in the so noble and heroic sacrifice of the other Western soldiers killing and killed in Afghanistan.

We are certainly getting better at suffering fewer losses when we fight our wars against these pesky foreigners.  Thanks to drones that keep up the killing without us suffering anymore.  Just how it should be, of course.