Sunday, 21 May 2017

Quotable Quotes

Sir Michael Fallon  Today  11 May 2013:

"If you have armed forces, you have to be prepared to use them."

If you have WMD, you have to be prepared to use them, too.  Just as Theresa May said soon after becoming PM in 2015 when asked if you she would be prepared to strike back with Trident missiles if the UK was attacked.  She said, 'Yes'.  She was either lying or mentally unstable in adding to the destruction and radiation in making a retaliatory attack to further wipe out even more of every kind of life on Earth.

Churchill was in full agreement with the use of chemical weapons in the World War, part One.  He was also wanting to use them in the Middle East and in India between the wars.

The 'defence' budget is to grow by 0.5% every year from the present 2% of the nation's gross income.

We have to carry on growing come hell or high water.  Just like cancer does in our bodies!