Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rich World Poor World: which half has had enough?

Migrants, after centuries of missing out want a slice of the good, rich life

It seems to me that for centuries the white nations have dominated and controlled the world very much more than the Arab or black nations.  We don't like it, one little bit, that the dreaded foreigner has had enough and wants the rich, good life of plenty, too.

European and American slavery was far more extensive than Arab slavery.  The white countries grew very rich from

  • the slave trade,
  • from collecting colonies and exploiting our power over others,
  • from our wars around the world and the world wars that became thus because of the Europeans had their colonies fighting for them;
  • from the white man's successful interference and spread of his culture, his civilisation and Christian faith;
  • economic and trading domination  - and military might - keep the traditional white nations in world control and running the show.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Wearing blood red on Fridays


Cllr Ken Turner has written in the News (23 April) of his intention to dress in something red on Fridays to show support for our heroic soldiers battling it out in the Middle East.  The only problem is that you'll get some mischievous devil, linking blood red not with the 16,000 UK fighters who have been killed but with the rather greater number they have killed in our numerous wars around the globe since 1945.
I am a sensitive soul and was shocked to read that the US/UK, with our Western allies, have bombed or rocketed 19 nations since 1945.  Thankfully, this friendly fire to bring democracy, freedom and Western culture and civilisation to the poor, benighted nations in their darkness and sin, has not resulted in many of us civilians being bombed and killed.  So that's all right, then.
In the Vietnam War, alone, encyclopaedias tell me that some unknown figure between two and four million men, women and children were napalmed, rocketed and murdered in cold blood by our ally and friend who had only 58,000 of their number killed in the sixteen year war.  I suppose it was the fault of the Vietnamese in not letting us show them how to run their country and, instead, defending their homeland from our well-intentioned troops.
That war showed just how many times more the people of foreign lands are killed than our own heroes invading their countries.  In our two current wars, this trend continues.

Perhaps, Cllr Ken is remembering the slaughter of the wholly innocents - many directly at the hands of our armed forces - even to this day.
Perhaps, he does ALSO mean red for the buckets of blood shed of those pesky foreigners who won't let us invade and occupy their countries without killing some of our heroes in the process.  How dare they kill our brave boys.

Our stupid, barbaric behaviour in Gaza


Dear Sir/Madam

We are seeing collective capital punishment by our side on the Palestinian families of Gaza.  Just two days after Christmas, hundreds of men, women and children are being killed, wounded and traumatised by the armaments and ammunition we have produced and sold to our good friends and close ally, the Israelis.

Rather than understanding the reasons for rockets being fired into the border towns of Israel from Gaza, we prefer to make, yet again, a wholly disproportionate response.  Revenge is sweet for our side and for the Palestinians.  It ups the anti and invites ever more rockets into border towns that kill Israelis infrequently.  Therefore, ours is a counter productive response, too.  For us and the Israelis, we have to wipe out every Palestinian to stop their rockets.  Stupid and  barbaric indeed.

Our aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan sets a very bad example to our friends the Israelis who, quite understandably, use killing of civilians to similarly 'defend' their expansionist policies into ever more of the West Bank.

On the very same day that hundreds of men, women and children have died at the hands of the Israelis, our church leaders prefer to condemn the immorality of government policy.  Yet, that did not include condemning government immorality in a decade of supporting the Israeli terrorism to supposedly stop the Palestinian terrorism.

As Peter Ustinov once said, "The Palestinians are the second victims of the Nazis".  The one time oppressed are still the oppressors.


Monday, 10 August 2015

Heavens Above!

FAO: the Editor of 'Premier Christianity' - and copied to my MP, James Morris and Rt Hon Michael Portillo who is quoted here (in case both may like to put me right).


For me, "Defying ISIS" (issue dated, August 2015) 
  • by not selling our armaments to other countries that may end up in the hands of Isis;
  • through abiding by the resolutions of the General Assembly of the UN;
  • by leaving the Middle East to the peoples of the Book and their governments (regardless of whether or not they toe the Western line);
  • by never again interfering, occupying and drawing boundaries of straight lines on the map;
  • by never again destabilising, overthrowing or supporting coups in the Middle East, Libya and Egypt;
  • by repenting of our behaviour that reminds me of dictatorial, know it all, Roman Emperors;
  • by renouncing our unethical, hypocritical and duplicitous foreign policy that makes sure those Muslim majority countries know who is boss around their countries;
No wonder whites can never dare to show their faces in some Muslim countries for fear of kidnap or murder.

Our example is terrible - and, they see us as the Christian West, too.  What is good for the goose is good for the gander.  No wonder some Muslims want their own Islamic State, like the Jewish state of Israel.

Our disgraceful examples in Muslim countries may have spawned Islamic State.  We even used chemical weapons in our foolish, nonsensical, Christian European war that began 101 years ago this month.  In every single year since, the UK alone has waged war somewhere around the globe according to research by the 'Guardian' in February 2014, including US/UK atomic bombs 70 years ago on civilians.  Mass slaughter of those made in God's image by us clean living British and American believers - and, now, we again impose a vapourised death by fire and flame from the heavens above.  But, our terrorist enemy, in revenge, uses eyeball to eyeball individual slaughter of those they view as too closely identified with the wicked West.

In addition, truly barbaric behaviour by our good friend and ally, Israel in July and August 2014 when Isis also hit the headlines for the first time.  Co-incidence or, after 100 years exactly, did we begin to reap the whirlwind of Muslim temper finally snapping?

OR, this piece:

We have never taught non-violence in our homes, churches and schools.  It always goes without saying that the West can take violent initiatives in the Middle East without a by your leave.

We breed children who take it for granted that Western coercion, force and violence is a done deal every time.  And this has gone on for 101 years as the West has violently interfered in the Middle East.  No wonder, having set such a disgraceful and violent example, some Muslims who are so angry with the West, have now well and truly got the message.  The message of violence and aggression from us sinful reprobates.

Last year, on the 'Moral Maze', I heard wonderful Michael Portillo (a 1990's Secretary of State for Defence) sadly conclude,
"One of the reasons why I think people are being so violent in these countries is that so much violence is happening in those countries.  The alternative to violence is to talk."  (Moral Maze, 15 October 2014)

Was he saying in effect, 'There has been too much violence in the Middle East', as if he was reflecting on NATO action in Afghanistan and Iraq and feeling uncomfortable with his own party's role in it all with, perhaps, giving birth to Isis?
Or, was he saying in effect, 'There has been too much violence in the Middle East, so what else can we expect but more violence?'

Monday, 3 August 2015

War, violence and aggression are the norm for the rich West and set a dreadful example

We must work to end all wars because it leads to yet more wars, revenge, bitterness and spiraling violence.  The colonies were captured by the western European Great Powers and their empires were maintained by violence to put down unrest.  Centuries of warfare between the western European powers made violence the norm.  This led to WW1 led to WW2 that led to the Cold War that led to the War of Terrorism that includes killing by remote control from thousands of miles away.

No empires would have meant much less killing down the centuries and the Christian nations actually complying with their Founders rejection of empire building.  Extraordinary that such a clear and simple command was so soundly and outrageously flouted by the vast majority of good Christians for the last 1700 years!

Why always Iraq but never Afghanistan?

John Payne has quoted from Wikipedia, "A strong supporter of the Blair government, he supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq,[7]"

Am I alone in thinking that so many, rightly, condemn the Labour Party for attacking and invading Iraq but seem to excuse or even agree with the attack on, and invasion of, Afghanistan that began the War/Crusade of (not 'on', in my opinion) Terrorism on the 7 October 2001?

Afghanistan then got it in the neck from us upright, peace loving and law abiding Westerners for the next 13 years (to Dec 2014).  All this slaughter as revenge and punishment for having Al Qaeda in the country, who launched the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York.

Am I completely off beam in thinking like this?