Sunday, 28 August 2016

Ammerdown Centre on security

I particularly liked the 'Security for the future' piece.  But it did not mention the militarisation of diplomacy that is a 'new' phrase I heard on Radio 4 earlier this year or, the wisdom of not inciting and not supporting the Arab Spring, rebellion/revolution or democracy or 'freedom', that quickly turns to violence as we have seen with Syria since 2011.  The Jesus/Gandhi way is always best and is effective, eventually.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

"Labour could face years of oblivion" Halesowen News 11 August 2016

Is not years of oblivion a far far better thing they do than have another right wing, conventional kind of leader that takes the nation into more wars on foreign soil without UN blessing?

Which side does the most aggression and violence?

We are expected and encouraged to loath Islamic State and to support the killing of every member in Syria, Iraq, Libya,Tunisia and elsewhere but, we imprison anyone who, in the UK, openly and eloquently supports IS and refuses to condemn their violence - like Anjem Choudary.

Is this a correct analysis or a correct reading of the situation?

Monday, 1 August 2016

Positive, constructive, helpful suggestions for Arriva Trains

Trains cancelled on the Cambrian Coast Line on Saturday 30 July 2016

  1. I would like a written explanation for the reasons, please.  Was it down to an oversight over maintenance of Network Rail infrastructure?
  2. When the electronic sign at Morfa Mawddach station gives you a phone number to ring, can your employee please have the bus times to hand to give to the stranded passenger.  The man I spoke to, soon after 2 pm last Saturday was clueless and spent so much time going to his supervisor whom I did, eventually, get to speak to but was not much better, that I almost ran out of battery on my mobile phone.  I did exhaust the battery when the number on the bus stop was not available and the recorded message could only give me another number to ring which I was then unable to write down.
  3. Your male employee I rang from Morfa Mawddach station told me that the 1608 train was running from Machynlleth but failed to tell me that there was also the 1805 train, too.  I wrongly assumed that the 1608 was the only train and pedalled furiously the 27 miles via Tywyn and Aberdyfi to Machynlleth.
  4. Can you please ask passengers for mobile phone numbers on the online facility when booking and paying for tickets.  If Arriva Trains had texted me to tell me of the trains cancelled and to tell me that I had to get to Machynlleth, with times of trains from there, I would have cycled a shorter route to get the 1805 train from there.  I would only have had to cycle an additional 17 miles instead of the 34 miles that I actually did, according to Google Maps.  My phone had been switched on throughout my cycle ride from Llanrug, near Caernarfon, that started soon after 0700 hrs.  But no text came through about the train cancellations.
  5. It was only at Machynlleth station that I found that there was an 1805 train to Wolverhampton.  At Machynlleth, your Anthony Hill, the drivers' team manager, was sympathetic, understanding and helpful.  He gave me two complimentary bottles of water that was just what I needed after a fast and long cycle ride in the heat to catch a train.  He said he would mention at his Monday's meeting my suggestion of texting passengers with information over train cancellations and the alternative arrangements made.  Did he do so?

The War Industry is far too dominant and important to our nation

Much higher standard of ethical teaching is required in our churches, schools and colleges/universities.  Teaching against arms exports and our armed forces landing and being based in so many other countries.  Sometimes fighting wars of aggression or, at least, having military bases in countries far from our shores.