Friday, 23 December 2016

Same Difference - just change the name of the country!

The international community - US/UK/France - perfidious, duplicitous foreign policy in a nutshell

The West supports and arms 'moderate' rebels overthrowing the Syrian government but, supports Saudi Arabia stopping rebels overthrowing the Yemen government.

Russia supports the Syrian government stopping the rebels overthrowing it.

Russia, unlike US/UK/France, is not officially involved in the Yemen war on either side, apart from, no doubt, also continuing their normal arms sales - like us reprobates.

If we Westerners tried to overthrow our legitimate, UN recognised government, we would also get in the neck, like the Syrians have found - to their cost.

Russia did not agitate, promote or, in anyway encourage the Arab Spring.
Guess who did?

It appears that it is the 'Christian' democratic Western European nations, with their monarchs and empires, that have done the most subjugating down the centuries.  Certainly not the East or Middle East.