Sunday, 5 October 2008


I have listened to tape recordings of four long addresses by eloquent Bible teacher, Roger Price on the subject, 'The Doctrine of War'. Roger asked if Jesus was a pacifist. He emphatically said, 'No'. Like Roger, I don't take the hard-line position that the disciples of the Lord should be pacifists - that is too much to ask! Rather, they should not be combative and aggressive around the world. To be combative, as we have found to our cost (in SE Asia and now Afghanistan and Iraq), invites revenge. It ups the anti and the hatred for us. However, I do expect Bible believing Christians, like the large majority (80%) who have voted twice for their brother GW Bush, not to initiate violence, aggression, force around the world. It is counter-productive and is the opposite, I think, of loving God, neighbour, enemy. If we can’t love our enemy, at least don’t let us make enemies in the countries we interfere with! This is my soft-line position.

Extract from an article by Sarah Joseph who interviewed Dr Rowan Williams

Christian Zionists support the return

of Jews to Israel because they believe the

second coming of Jesus will not occur until

all Jews are in Israel. The Archbishop is

scathing, accusing them of being connected

to “the chosen nation myth of America,

meaning that what happens in America is

very much at the heart of God’s purpose for


In today’s world it is easy to see why

people would believe such an idea;

America seems so intrinsically involved in

everything. The Archbishop recognises that:

“We have only one global hegemonic power

at the moment.” But, he propounds, “It is

not accumulating territory; it is trying to

accumulate influence and control.”

Page 34 of ‘Emel’ magazine, December 2007

In other words, Christian Zionists, like ‘Bridges for Peace’, are an obstacle to peace because they want more Jewish settlers in more of the West Bank to help the return of Christ to be that little bit sooner!