Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Let them eat cake - nuclear cake!

Well done, Mark Lynas!

With the approaching energy gap, Prof Fells' power cuts, fast rising
populations all wanting the electricity high life and not wanting to save
energy let alone be energy efficient, why not leave it to France to sell us
their nuclear electricity? Let them expand and we get on with offshore
wind and other renewables and, the likes of us - the righteous remnant -
vainly pleading for a low energy present and future!

Oil is more important as a chemical building block for the 500 everyday
products on which we depend than to turn, very inefficiently, into
electricity. It is urgent that we stop burning oil.

Many years ago, I can remember Jonathon Porritt saying that renewables
would not be enough but we must go down that route. The Greens were right
since the 1970s when New Zealand was the first Green Party. Our Manifesto
for a Sustainable Society is correct in its analysis and solutions.
However, such is the urgency of reducing the burning of fossil fuels, I now
think that James Lovelock and Mark Lynas are right, too. Nuclear is the
lesser of two evils. BUT, leave it to France AND still use deserts and
rooftops for solar power - everywhere.

Humans won't restrain themselves, so nuclear is what they must have - to
postpone inevitable ecocide. Give us the nuclear cake, 'cos we certainly won't slim down our energy hungry and oil rich lifestyles!

I hereby resign from my life membership of the Green Party and FoE!