Friday, 11 November 2011

Dartmoor Classic and bikes for weddings!

Would you two be interested - and tell Charlie - to do this over and around Dartmoor? Camp out on the Sat night as near as poss to the start.
Yesterday evening I cycled home from the office on my long route in the dark but also, for the first time, in rain that got going half way round. With the steel rims, it was really quite alarming not being able to bring myself to a stop! I overshot the alleyway to Peachley Close as I came down Dog Kennel Lane. Uffmoor Lane had to be taken at the slowest speed I have ever achieved - or not achieved - and there was a poor motorist behind me, whom I didn't let pass so I could see the road in his headlights! I did thank him when we got to the bypass.
I'm now trying out Halfords super lightweight racing bike mudguards on the new bike I've bought for Jonathan. The rear failed spectacularly on the first day but the replacement rear mudguard was fitted for free this afternoon. With the clips and straps on the pedals, I tried my brown pair of Hotter shoes, with air holes on the uppers this afternoon - and minus socks. My feet were sweating in Halfords while I waited for the fitting to be done but I was more comfortable once I got out on the road, even on a mild day. Halfords have a superb range of Chris Boardmen men and women's bikes. The women's are stunning white so would be ideal for arriving at your wedding, Becky, mounted on one - side saddle, of course! A white monocycle would mean less oil getting on the wedding dress, however but Halfords don't seem to sell them.
Halfords have a superb cross country Boardman, £899 machine, with drop handlebars, 20 gears, disc brakes and tyres that can take slick for racing or knobbly for towpaths, forest roads and bridleways. The width is between narrow racing tyres and wide MTB tyres. It is 4 lbs heavier than the £999 Boardman racing bike. I must find out if it can take a pannier rack for cycle camping/touring. I am very tempted! Interestingly, the Dartmoor Classic blurb mentions putting slick tyres on an MTB bike for their event.
I'm offering to buy mum a lightweight racing or hybrid bike - one of the dazzling white Boardman machines would be great for her, as well as for you, Becky on your wedding day. However, since she can so easily cruise up, in bottom gear, the two short but steep sections of Uffmoor Lane, she thinks the present heavy bike is just fine!
Can you give me Charlie's e-mail address, please Becky? I compliment you both on your entertaining writing skills of humour, spiced with keen observational skills and a healthy disrespect for this elder and his dazzling prowess on two wheels, including his cycling collection of, so far, one dislocated shoulder and one broken collar bone!