Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Building a grey, unsustainable, dead end society

Thanks, Josh for the email and all the very useful stuff I've read!  What great work you are all doing.

My own green (actually grey) transition is attempting to get others to join me in pointing out the bleeding obvious to get a more sensible dead end, grey, unsustainable, totally ungreen society.

It is nothing to do with worthy causes like renewables, net zero, low carbon, energy efficiency or being nature/planet/future friendly.  Simply about, when you start a project you don't leave it hanging in mid air - but you actually finish it - unbelievable!  But everyone else is totally unmoved, unshockable and honestly believe it's the most ordinary, normal and sensible thing to do!

For example, these photos:
20 years since the bridge was built but it is still wasted, unused, empty of trains as we all sit in traffic jams on the adjacent roads in the middle of the uncompleted 74 miles of railway with trains at the top and bottom ends but not in the middle 56 Kms where the worst congestion is!​
​I'm talking of the 120 Kms Worcs, Dudley, Derby principal mainline railway bridge completed in Dec 2003 when the M6 Toll opened.  But they forgot the trains.  Soon one line​​ was nicked by metal thieves!​​OR, this
​Empty, wasted railway lines leads to trams, instead at a cost second only to High Scam 2 and the planned destruction of the ​whole of this 400 metre canal embankment!​AND,
the part destruction of 23,000 sq metres at High Plateau, desperately needed for low cost, highly energy efficient, solar powered, 1/2 bedroom apartments.
the 22 Kms Black Country Cycle-Walk Mudway - the UK's only urban-rural-urban business, commuter and leisure route for food fueled, no longer fossil fools, active travellers by cycle, horse and by walking!

Does any of this give you any ideas for you to pick up on and run away with to your heart's content, Josh?!!
All the best

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