Sunday, 7 May 2023

Gryffe Valley Cycle-Walkway

Hi Jim

Thank you so much for your quite outstanding work on the 21 miles Gryffe Valley Way, your section of the Clyde Coastal Path and the leaflet you sent me.

I am not a member of Dudley Rotary, where I live, in what I rather disparagingly call the bleak, barren, backward Black Country - one million population on the western side of big, bold, brash, 'they get all the money and attention', Brum!  In the Black Country and Birmingham, we turn our disused railways into roads, offices, homes and tramways.  While our half finished, principal, 120 Kms mainline railway has been turned into two different kinds of tramways on one 7 Kms section in Dudley, slap bang in the middle, would you believe!

However, two Dudley disused and forgotten railway lines have some intrepid walkers and cyclists (like me!) but are in such a disgraceful state, I call it the 22 Kms Black Country Cycle-Walk Mudway from Brierley Hill in Dudley to NW Wolverhampton.  After so many decades of neglect, I would love our Dudley Rotary, perhaps, to write one short email to support my work in encouraging the authorities to put things right - at long last!

Your wonderful example of good deeds and work is quite brilliant.

Well done and best wishes

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