Friday, 19 May 2023

The Western Way Will Prevail, to dominate the World!

Our freedom-loving societies of democratic nations are so wonderful, we now have very nearly all the former USSR satellite states on board, as we've expanded eastwards.  Democracy will dominate and we must do all in our power to extend the blessings of our traditional, centuries-old Christian culture to all and sundry around the world, especially to Taiwan as the stepping stone to conquering China.  That island is a good replacement for the loss, after 100 years, of Hong Kong to China.  "Go into all the world and make disciples" is the command of the Master Carpenter from Nazareth.

Our foreign policy is based on paranoia and fear, tit-for-tat expulsions and retaliation; hubris and MAD or mutually assured destruction.  Always thinking the worst of the other.  If we don't get in first, the evil other side will do us down.  Never mind that Putrid offered to help the USA after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.  He definitely can't be trusted and must have been up to no good when he made that offer.

Our security is all that matters and Russia and Pariah Putrid have nothing to fear with NATO coming right up to Russia's borders because we are the Shining Light on the hill, a beacon of bravery and good works, up against the Evil Russian Empire.

REJOICE!  The Ukraine War is a great blessing for our armaments industry and for economic growth/greed.  How wrong of the cowardly appeasers, pathetic pacifists and Stop the War members to want not a single UK weapon to be sold, let alone given away to the plucky Ukrainians.  Let the Russians and Ukrainians slug it out and kill each other as long as not a single UK citizen is injured or killed.  So there.

Our side resisted the loss of the Falklands in 1982 and victoriously won it back.  We dishonestly covered up the sinking of the Belgrano when it was outside the Exclusion Zone and sailing away from it.  Over 300 Argentinian sailors drowned unnecessarily.  But the Blessed Margaret was gallantly victorious in the following year's General Election on the strength of it.  So it was all so worthwhile.

We confiscated the Chagos Islands in the British Indian Oceans Territory to ensure Western control of that region against all comers.  In 1972 we just had to forcibly exile the Chagossians.  Such a pity but, it simply had to be done.

We overthrew wicked socialist governments like that in Chile in 1973 with an "economic war ordered by United States President Richard Nixon,[9] a group of military officers led by General Augusto Pinochet seized power in a coup of their own, ending civilian rule" - and, of course, many other coups have had Western support to put in our pro-Western, best and good man.  Ukraine was the latest, in 2014. (quote from Wikipedia)

We had our upright, pro-European firebrands sorting out the proper and fairly elected Yanukovych when he was seriously lent on by Pariah Putrid. So we sent the Ukrainian president packing to put in our own democratic man in our righteous Revolution of Dignity, of February 2014.  The 100 people killed was chicken feed.  Pity about the nine-year-old war ever since, though.  But it's not our fault.  No way Jose!

Anyway, ay ho, it is the men and women of violence on all sides who kill my family, friends and I.  They prolong the war with their revengeful death to the other - to the bitter end.  Paradise turned into disaster, death and desert.

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