Monday, 22 May 2023

The emphasis should be ACCESS to our local, glorious countryside

Dear Peter and friends

I think the emphasis should be access to our local, glorious countryside because of climate ecocide and the exhaustion of oil/gas reserves and finite supplies of precious metals that are now going into batteries and PV solar.

I'm having a wonderful time exploring NW Worcestershire and S Shropshire, using the car much less by minimising my bombing off to Wales, the Peak District and Scotland.  Much shorter car journeys, then I get the bike out of the car to pedal without battery power to start my walk.  It is a great navigation exercise to find stiles and footbridges half buried in vegetation - that then needs clearing!

In doing my best to obediently stick to the public rights of way, I have the right to roam freely over 'empty' land, using pinpoint compass/map work to find my prize!  This land is our land, for us all to wander over, as long as we co-operate with our farmers and landowners by doing our best to stick to where they want us to go.  But, when they plough up or block public highways, as paths are, we then have to find another way!

140,000 miles of access rights for responsible exploring will keep me busy for a while!  And, always greet with a friendly hand raised the tractor driver, shepherd or farm worker you may meet.

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