Friday, 12 May 2023

to Norman Baker MP

Dear Norman

Well done for your excellent interview about yet bigger lorries on the 'Jeremy Vine Show' on Radio 2.

Was it your good self who finally gave the approval for Midland Metro on the mainline railway between Snow Hill Station, Brum and St Georges Sq, Wolverhampton in the 1990s when you were a Transport Minister?  But, as the Conservatives were in national government at the time, I must be wrong!  Or, was it the extension that you gave the go ahead to that bypassed Snow Hill station to get to Grand Central diesel perfumed, underground station in the basement of the John Lewis store (aka New St sta) when you were in coalition with the Conservatives?  That extension was meant to connect Snow Hill with Grand Central but that never happened and Snow Hill tram stop had to be renamed because it was an impossibly long walk to get to and from that tram stop and the station!  Now, Bull St tram stop is the nearest to Snow Hill station.  However, why were the passenger trains and stations not reinstated at a fraction of the price but, trams were chosen, instead?  Do you know, Norman?

That first mainline railway was destroyed with Metro One.  Now, the UK's very last, principal mainline 120 Kms (74 miles) railway between Worcester, the Black Country and Derby is getting the same treatment.  Would you like to read and comment on what I have uncovered as the UK's longest running and biggest finance/transport scandal - here, please?

Thanks and best wishes

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