Thursday, 18 May 2023

My cheeky, you are so awfully biased against trams, quiz


Do put the one word answer next to the question to get my non-existent prize (or is it non-existing?)  Or, put your one word answer against the number of the question.  Each answer is used once.  Feedback is welcomed, if not too slating!

ANSWERS: apartments, stations, trees, tarmac, trains.


  1. What do you do to popularise the one and only, the longest, the wasted, the lonesome but awesome, 22 Kms Russells Hall Hospital and Black Country Cycle-Walk Mudway - in the whole of the UK?  Trams?

  2. When there are train services for the nation's only principal, mainline railway "of national strategic significance" at the Derby end in the NE and the Worcester end in the SW but nothing in the middle 56 Kms section, here in Dudley, what kind of transport should go in the middle?  Two different kinds of trams, as they’ve done on 7 Kms?

  3. When there are 23,000 sq m of wasted land designated for housing since the 1990s at Merry Hill Shopping Centre, with net inward migration in, 2021 of half a million (plus the 45,000 arriving on small boats in 2022) and, in 2022, of 606,000 (plus even more small boats in 2023), what should you put on that uncontaminated, brownfield land?  Trams, as planned?

  4. When you start the Black Country Urban Forest, what should you plant to finish the job on the great grassy embankments at Merry Hill Shopping Centre?  Build a 400 metre, concrete and steel, tramway viaduct?

  5. When you build High Scam 2 between the N edge of London and the centre of Brum, what do you have to furnish it with to get passengers on and off the trains?  Yet more trams? They do actually go to one terminus!!

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