Friday, 5 May 2023

W Mids GP needs to get on board

Dear friend

Earlier this week I sent this to GP candidates whose email addresses I have.  Only Andi replied - thanks Andi!  Not even James replied who should have wanted my vote in Halesowen South!

I do feel that, since the 1980s, I am the most active Green/deep Green in the borough and remain so disappointed that I never get any help from yourselves for these practical, helpful and positive ways to build our fairer, more equal and sustainable society, without the bother (and impossibility) of getting elected - for me, certainly, after decades of trying.  I feel I'm a lone voice in the wilderness of the barren, bleak, backward Black Country!

Two documents as evidence:

Regardless of whether or not you are elected on Thursday (and I hope you are), what do you intend to do about these matters?
  1. How, exactly, should the forty year plans for the Wednesbury, Brierley Hill Extension of Metro now be finished?  How are you working towards that end?
  2. What are you doing as regards reopening the 120 Kms former mainline railway between Worcester, Dudley, Walsall, Lichfield and Derby that is safeguarded/mothballed?  Or, are you opposed to finishing it?
  3. How are you working to extend the Black Country Urban Forest on land in the ownership of Merry Hill Shopping Centre?
  4. Where else has your council planted woodland for the Black Country Urban Forest?
  5. What are you working for as regards High Plateau at Merry Hill.  See plan, here:
    Housing?  If so, what kind of housing?  And for whom?
  6. What should be done and how are you progressing those plans as regards the major 22 Kms Black Country Cycle-Walk Mudway that is featured on the disused railway line as brown circles ("traffic free route") on the Ordnance Survey Explorer map, as here in the Dudley section?
With thanks

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